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Leonardo Invests In Casper Mattress

Movie superstars are more than just movie stars these day, for instance Leonardo Dicaprio has invested in the Capser mattress company.  So why would Leo invest in the company?  Let me tell you about my experience with Casper.

Being on the market for a new mattress for my daughter, I was looking for something that would be comfortable. I wanted something for her that she would be able to appreciate every night and get a good night’s rest, then I noticed the attention the Casper company was getting due to having high profile investors such as Leonardo Dicaprio. This is a new company that has been getting all sorts of positive reviews regarding how the mattress is comfortable, helps with lower back pain and the memory foam and latex combination allows for a better night’s sleep.

I was not sure what to think, but thought I would give it a shot because you cannot go in and try these beds out as they are an online only company. It boasts about the design of the three layers that allow for all this great rest. With a really thick layer about seven inches thick, and two layers about one and half inches thick. It is wasalso very soft to sit and lay on.

The online only strategy is rather skeptical though, because you are not able to try it before you buy it. However, the ordering process is simple and getting it did not take long at all. But, to top it off, the best part about it is their return policy and free shipping. You have 40 days to test the bed out and get a no hassle return if you don’t like it for any reason. They have many reviews for great customer service.  After checking out how it compares to other mattresses such as the purple mattress here I decided to buy the Casper mattress.

Also, when ordering large items like this, shipping is a key area. I was glad to see they offer free shipping, which helps reduce the overall costs greatly compared to other options. It comes compressed into a small box to easily fit in a door. It made things so much easier when moving it in, kind of like IKEA’s flat-pack delivery service, but much more simple to assemble.

The top layer is latex, made for comfort and the memory foam layer allows your body and the mattress to contour to each other, and your body gets cooled from the latex layer. This makes it a great option for anyone who needs to cool down through the night.


Comfortable three-layer design
Free shipping and flat-pack style delivery
40-day return policy

Not able to go in and test the beds

I nearly passed out the first time I tested it, so I knew it would be a great option for my daughter. Now she enjoys it every night and has thanked me for it many times. If you have back pain or just looking for something more comfortable, this is it.