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Were taking things slow’ Nelly Valentino confirms she’s dating!

The 22-year-old songwriter previously hinted at her relationship with the Doctor she’s now admitted that they are, in fact, dating!

During an interview with Billboard, Nelly was asked whether she has a favourite NBA player, and she replied: ‘yes my best friend Ben Simmons & Steph Curry!’

The “what the heart wants” subsequently joked that news of her dating has been revealed before she had the chance to announce it on Instagram.

She confessed: ‘I’m really weird about playing my music for people. I’m weirder about playing my music for people I actually know than people I don’t know. ‘I don’t wanna play it for my mom, don’t wanna play it for my friends, don’t wanna see my brother listening to it. I’m like really weird about it, I don’t know why.’
In 2017, Nelly Valentino claimed that being a woman in the music industry is ‘sh**ty’.
The songwriter said people mistakenly think that her career has been ‘easy’ because she looks like a ‘cute little girl’.
She explained: ‘Being a woman in the music industry can be sh**ty. ‘It’s been a continuous process educating people that you can be a well-rounded artist and human who can make things that sound different. It’s easy for people to think you have it easy because you’re ‘just a cute little girl.
Hold your breath guys!Nelly Valentino is here to rule your hearts again. Cosmo just dropped its July issue and features global songwriter Nelly Valentino on the cover.