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Musician Sashank Venkatesh Will Continue His Work With The Grammy Weekend Team Into 2023

Currently living in Los Angeles, the Indian musician, audio engineer and music producer, Sashank Venkatesh, maintains a busy schedule. He is a part of Streamland Media, and he works on numerous projects for them and for the studios that are affiliated with the world-wide company, such as, HBO, Marvel Studios, MGM and Disney. Streamland Media provides post production expertise across the globe; offering Picture, Visual Effects, Sound and Marketing services to the industry’s top filmmakers and content creators. He was also part of the 2019/2021 Grammy Weekend team and will repeat his participation this year. The Recording Academy and Musicares, which is a well known charity devoted to helping musicians, also receives a great deal of Sashank’s time and talent.

Although no one in Sashank’s family is a professional musician or filmmaker, he has been studying music since he was 6 years old. He grew up listening to Indian film music and classical music and when he hit his teens he broadened his listening habits to rock and pop music and then diversified into video game music, which, he says, “In hindsight was just an influence that needed to be unlocked, as the foundation of it was already planted as I was very into games during my childhood.” Music school added a lot of Blues, Jazz and R&B influence to his already quite full tool box of musical tastes. He listens to all types of music and he is most influenced by music that has a story, purpose and perspective, which helps him gain value from it.
He was trained in Indian Classical Music as a child and that was a big part in forming and developing his uniquely beautiful voice. He started playing guitar in his teens and landed in two music schools where he found a love for all things that were mixing, mastering and production related, whether it was in the studio or live, and that began a (part-time) journey to become an audio engineer.
He is releasing four songs this month and they are all based on stories and concepts that he has been thinking about for some time. He also intends to release two more songs in January and they will preview on Social Media where he has been very successful in the past. “It is refreshing,” Sashank says, “for me to have my vision and ideas to go through this journey and end up with something that I feel is complete and is one of the best representations of my work.”
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