Interview With Talented KAIYA

What is cooking in KAIYA’s kitchen right now?

So many things!! I’m working on a couple of projects at the same time … very typical of me 🙂 Two new songs, two remixes, and shooting and editing two music videos … all is all!

So there are two remixes coming? Are you going to release both of them together?

It is such an amazing unexpected treat for your audience! Tell us about it!

Two or possibly even three…i’ve gotten too involved.. 😉 I like the idea of remixes, it’s like giving an entirely different life to a song, it depends on the mood you’re in, on the place where you want be.. Like one of the remixes is kind of R&B, a bit jazzy, with a strong beat. The other is more electronic.. very electronic…:) A lot of fun!

What are the videos that you are working on going to be about?

The videos are going to be my interpretation of life through dancing. I’m a big fan of

contemporary modern movement… so .. it’s going to be a love story, lovesick and love drama in choreography. Someone just told me that with every answer I give I get people even more confused.. I don’t do it on purpose.. Just trying to express myself. And it’s all quite complex. 🙂

Who do you work with to create your music videos ?

The first video i shot with Helga Jóakims and Erlendur Sveinsson, from which we’ve developed an amazing connection and friendship as well. The second video I did with two dear friends of mine Zev Tambor and Eryka Clayton. And our video editor is another friend who did my two lyric videos, Gabriel Genesis. You can tell, it’s never just work and work relationship. It’s always more. And I am very thankful for being so lucky to have such great qualities in the people surrounding me, both amazingly talented professionals and also great personalities and friends.


The last few months have been like a “calm before the storm”. You and your team have been teasing us, while working hard on so many great things! But it does feel that you are coming up to the Next Level in your career. How do you feel about it? What does it take for you? Share your thoughts about it with please!

Its been a very exciting time for me, with a lot of shifts, emotional and professional in many fields of my life. Everything is getting its reflection in my songs and videos. Being on the edge of anxiety and also understanding how unlimited life can be … it’s definitely a very special moment in life for me, with an interesting outcome… which you will see very very soon.