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Air Patrol 2030. A new feature film

This is an international project. People from the United States, Germany, France, Russia and the CIS countries are participating in it.

In those golden days, when flying cars had only just appeared and only a small number of people used them, brother and sister, Nick and Helen, were lucky to join the Air Patrol. They stopped a fight, they were looking for runaway teenagers, but secretly they dreamed about being involved in something more serious.

Their friend worked as a dispatcher of this service in their small town. He fell in love with a girl whose image was used for the electronic assistant. He decided to find out all about her and he hacked a computer network. From that moment, they all began to have problems. A dangerous man appeared in the mountains. He had an order from a powerful and mysterious person.
Their bosses did not believe them; so they had to solve the problem alone.

Two scientific theories and their intersection will be shown in the film.

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