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Official Vybe Will Release New Single, Entitled “Party at Atlantis” Under Roc Nation Record Label

“OfficialVybe has successfully made a deal with Roc Nation. He will release a new single, “Party at Atlantis” this year.”

The rapper OfficialVybe that is also known as Vybe has signed a deal with Roc Nation for his next release. Under this record label, he will release a new single, entitled “Party at Atlantis”. He also features Bonni3, another hot artist, in this new release. 2019 can be said as the greatest year for OfficialVybe . He made a great comeback with his new single “Party at Atlantis”.

For the next release, “Party at Atlantis”, by working together with ROC Nation, many music lovers, and his fans are expecting another masterpiece coming from this hottest upcoming artists.

OfficialVybe is one of the hottest and promising rapper artists from Iowa City. He becomes one of the most promising artists because of his ability to grasp his strength and weakness. This ability allows him to project more diversity and different sound, as well as the power in his lyrics and music.

His music can also reach the heart of his fans, rap music lover as well as the casual fans. This is the reason why he stands out among other rappers that makes a comeback this year. This is also the reason why Roc Nation agreed to make a distribution deal with OfficialVybe for his new single, “Party at Atlantis”.

Roc Nation itself is an entertainment company, founded by Jay-Z, famous musicians, artists, and producer, and Live Nation Entertainment. This company doesn’t only provide record label service, but also talent agency, concert production and many more.

As one of the biggest entertainment companies in the U.S. has successfully made a deal with this company make OfficialVybe become one of the most recognized artists in the music industry. And, his new single, “Party at Atlantis” predicted will become one of the hottest single this year.

About OfficialVybe and Bonni3

OfficialVybe is a rapper from Iowa City. Two years ago, he has experienced one of the turning points in his life by being in comatose status for 47 days after having heart surgery. Now he will also release a new single, “Party at Atlantis” under Roc Nation record label. Bonni3 is a talented singer which also signed a deal with Roc Nation Record Label. For more information, follow the official social media of both artists below.

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