San Diego’s Reggae-rock band TRIBAL SEEDS introduces a brand new album, LIVE: 2020 SESSIONS

TRIBAL SEEDS is a band with a really special approach to their blend of reggae and dub music and recently, the band set out to release a new, groundbreaking album, aptly titled “Live: 2020 Sessions” which really highlights the unique tone of their music. The release will immediately impress listeners with a truly amazing lyrical flow and with a lot of dazzling energy. What’s special about the sound of the band is definitely the fact that their music is true to the groove of reggae music, but it incorporates many other amazing influences.

There is something quite magnetic about a beautifully captured live performance from a band. TRIBAL SEEDS has an impeccable tightness, yet there is a truly special organic feel defining the music. 2020 is not a great year for live music, so it’s great to be able to listen to such records even if we can’t physically attend gigs. The album features 14 amazing songs, each bringing something different to the table. One of the standout features of the release is the vocal performance. It’s evocative and expressive, and the singer immediately draws in the listener from the very first moment. It’s impossible to tear yourself away from the sonic soundscape that the band creates, and you’ll find yourself moving and floating to the beat.

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