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Meet Roland Ngole the International speaker helping others to achieve their vision

Roland Ngole is a German international speaker, Author, Entrepreneur and Mentor. He is a go-to expert with regards to pursuing and achieving your vision. He is among the guys you need to listen in order to streamline and achieve your vision. He inspires people to live a life that is propelled by a well defined vision. He knows that a person equipped with a vision can succeed anywhere regardless, of the circumstances they might be facing. If they understand the steps necessary to achieve their vision.

            Roland has spoken to thousand of people both in Germany and abroad. Conducting seminars at some of the top universities in Germany and speaking at diverse organizations. Roland emphasizes the importance of having a well defined vision in order to succeed in Life. Vision is the common denominator driving every successful corporation or individual in the society. He has mentored thousand of students in Germany into developing a vision for their life that will enable them to succeed and make an impact in the lifes of others.

                 Roland had always had a passion for reading. Thus, he spent thousands of hours in the library reading and  studying books of successful business magnates, that completely transformed his life and helped him immensely in his academic, career and business success. There is no need to reinvent the wheel. Learn from people who have achieved the results that you desire to achieve in life. Success is like a recipe. It does not care about the person putting the ingredients together. If you learn the laws of success and implement them, you will achieve the same results that other successful people have achieved.

                  Challenges along his path

            When Roland moved to Germany 13 years ago to pursue his undergraduate and graduate degrees studies in Business. He had no idea of the challenges that, were awaiting him in the country of Germany. Roland had to work part-time to make ends meet. More so, studying in a foreign language (German) was something  he had to overcome. Nevertheless, he remembers, that his vision always gave him hope in tough times. Because, he knew that he was aspiring for something better and big.

                Decisions that made all the difference in his life

               The foremost decision that made a great impact in his life, was his decision to accept Jesus as his lord and savior. Roland´s faith in GOD had armed him with the courage and boldness necessary to take up uncommon odds and to emerge a victor no matter the opposing circumstances.

                When Roland was about to start  his studies in Germany, he mistakenly chose a course of study and studied it for a few semesters only to realize that course of study did not align with his future aspirations and vision. Roland mustered the courage and change his course of study and went on to obtain his bachelor degree in international business administration and master´s degree in Supply chain management.

               Investing in yourself is the best decision you can ever make. Warren buffet said that the best investment you can ever make is in yourself and it yields the best return on investment. Roland´s decision to invest massively in himself paid off in return. He was able to design a seminar that the german federal job agency paid him to conduct. Roland has created the Germany student success system online course that helps foreign students in Germany to attain success in the country.

           Roland credits his overall success to his faith in God and having a clear vision of where he was going. He emphasizes that vision gives a clear sense of direction in life. That helps you navigate through circumstances that do not align with your ultimate objective. He is on a mission to help people live a life that is inspired by vision and help corporations to maximize their vision


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