How to Fit Golf Clubs the Right Way? (What Matters the Most

A well-fitting golf club is not a one-size-fits-all type of equipment. Every golfer must know how to fit golf clubs to their exact size. This is a very important aspect of learning how to play golf. And also of learning how to hit successful and accurate shots.
If you do not use a properly-fitted golf club, you’re most likely to go down swinging. So understanding how to fit golf clubs correctly is a must.
If you skipped a step when learning how to play golf, don’t worry. I’ve got you covered. This article talks about how to fit golf clubs for beginners.
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How to Fit Golf Clubs

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The right golf club matches your body height. This means you need to measure not only the distance between your hands and the ground. But also use that in relation to your height.
This determines the right angle of your golf club. You may not be able to measure your height yourself. So it’s best to ask somebody else to do it accurately.
To take the proper measurement, just stand straight. Do not get into any stance or swinging posture.
Next, measure the distance between the top of your wrist and the ground. Even for this, you will need to stand as straight as possible.


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If you’re a beginner, you’ll always be recommended to use a soft flex golf club. Beginners always start with one. It’s lightweight and consistent to swing. It has more loft, forgiving irons, and better speed.
For a beginner to use a stiffer flex, you won’t get enough out of your shots. To really elevate your skills as a golfer, a softer flex is what you must start with.
Golf clubs influence swing speed and distance. A lightweight golf club can really affect how you take your shot. The position of your knees, how you set up the ball, your wrist action, and grip. All of these factors influence your performance. And golf clubs influence these factors.
So you have to pay close attention to the feel and grip of your new golf club.
Flex and Grip

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Your swing speed determines your flex. What flex works best for your swing speed and swinging technique? If you’re looking for something that’s already out there, you can find golf clubs that will improve your game instantly. But if you’re looking for something effective, you can also opt for custom fit golf clubs.
Beginners who a launch monitor and radar machine to determine swing speed. The average rating for beginners is 80 to 85 miles per hour swing.
This next step is determined by your swing speed per hour measurement. It highlights how far you consistently hit your drive.
If your drive is less than 180 yards, you need a ladies flex. Lots of women’s golf clubs for beginners fall within the first category. If it’s between 181 to 200, you need a senior flex. If it’s 200 t0 235 yards, you need regular flex. And so on.

Do You Need A Custom Fit Golf Club?
It’s a big problem for beginners when they don’t find the correct golf club. They either settle for an inaccurate golf club size. Or they pay a little extra to get a custom fit golf club. Do you do the same?
Custom-fit golf clubs are specifically made to fit your measurements. This includes your height and the distance between your wrist and the ground. For beginners, measuring the size of your grip is also imperative.
You can then find the accurate head and shaft of any golf club. Fitting for a proper grip size is better than not. So it’s essential to determine what suits you as a beginner rather than what suits others who are beginners too.
As I said at the beginning of this article, there is no one-size-fits-all sizing chart for golf clubs.

Final Thoughts

Given the right way to know to fit golf clubs, you may not need a professional fitter. But if and when you do, do not shy away from doing so. A professional person is anyone who understands the various techniques of golf. Somebody who teaches golf lessons or works in a golf shop or is a personal trainer.
You can always find what you’re looking for with personal tips and tricks. It can tricky to buy a golf club for the first time. But with this article, you don’t have to fret over the little details. And then you’ll see, it’s simpler than ever to fit golf clubs to your unique style.
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