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30+ official selections and 10 Awards, ‘The Interview from Hell’ delivering laughs

New York, NY: Award-winning filmmaker & actor Sameeksha L. Katyal’s next short film ‘The Interview from Hell’ has been nominated in over 30 film festivals and won 8 awards including, ‘Best Director’, ‘‘Audience Choice Award’ & ‘Best Short Film’ in 2020. 

The story was originally written as a script for a play which has been adapted into a short film. The script was presented at various platforms and has been very well received by the audiences at the National Writers Union in NYC, the Mystery Writers of America and Plays & Pizza.

As the sole producer of the project, Sam shared “Making a short film during a pandemic was probably the most insane idea I had, while my friends laughed off my lofty ambition, I was glad that two people believed in me who helped turn it into a huge success.” 

Sameeksha Katyal

The film was shot in March in New Jersey in a private office on a Saturday, and the post production took 2.5 months to complete. It will be released on multiple platforms in 2021.

The satirical office comedy focuses on the experience of interacting with crazy and weird people we work with and wondering who hired them. The story evolves on the interview of Tom, the candidate, by a polite interviewee Eve. 

She realizes that this guy is a bit intense until he unleashes his passion about the IT and proves his candidacy for this position. 

The film title was told to have been workshopped tirelessly until she realized that a dialogue from Eve in the story best describes the film. The pandemic which then followed gave the title that interesting edge of how people are going through their own version of hell during these hard times. 

Sameeksha Katyal

About Sameeksha: is an actor & filmmaker who is passionate about women’s rights and empowerment. Her work portrays strong female characters. Her 2019 production ‘U&Me’ won the ‘Best Film in Drama’ and has been picked up for distribution by the BeBop Channel and will be available on RokuTV, Hulu, Vudu and Amazon TV. Follow her on Facebook or Instagram @sameeksha.lav

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