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The Interesting Life Of Filmmaker Sergio Mishchenko

Sergio Mishchenko is an accomplished VFX artist, who has received recognition and awards not only in visual effects, but also in cinematography, directing and photography. One of his recent projects, ‘Spare One’, has won a number of awards in a variety of festivals, in categories like ‘Best Visual Effects’ and ‘Best Commercial’. In late March 2019 his project was screened at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles. ‘Spare One’ also recently won a Clio statuette, the world’s most recognizable advertising award. Having two Master’s degrees, Sergio’s skill set and backgrounds cover visual effects, including compositing, supervising, 3D, as well as cinematography, directing and more. His backgrounds include photography, fine art and entertainment design. Regarding visual effects, Sergio’s talent and eye for detail and quality was quickly spotted by wellknown VFX professionals, including academy award winner Bruce Nicholson and academy award nominee Tom Bertino.
Sergio’s work ethic gave him the opportunity to make a cable TV show in 2015 almost singlehandedly. He received his first photography award in a state-wide exhibition only a few months after he started doing it. With all the skills he has acquired, he still values ideas over techniques. Sergio believes that proficiency in a variety of disciplines is liberating. Sergio’s quality of work on a pilot episode of ‘Narc, the series’, including visual effects, 3D and cinematography captured the attention of TV networks and is now in preproduction. Sergio is currently busy working on a couple of major TV shows, finishing a couple of narrative projects, and preparing for another TV show later this year, as well as an animated project. We can’t wait to see what this talented filmmaker does next.

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