Actress Profile: The Gifted Marina Zoreva

If the three most important words in real estate are Location, Location, Location, then perhaps the three most important words for professional actors should be Believability, Believability, Believability. There most certainly could be other words that could be inserted there but for now we will focus on these. Marina Zoreva, the fine Russian actress currently residing in California, fits these three words to a tee. She always brings a great sense of reality to each character she portrays and each role she chooses is not only believable but it is as if she has physically, mentally and emotionally transformed into another person altogether. And altogether different from the real Marina herself.

All the truly talented actors and actresses are able to do this, which perhaps is one of the real attractions for audiences to come out of their comfort zones to watch. Actors awe people with their ability to morph themselves into something that only existed in a writer’s mind not long before the actual shooting of the film began. Something out of nothing. We’ve seen actors at parties who put on a whole new persona just to see if they could maintain it throughout the duration of the event. It’s about not breaking character and it’s about having great fun and most of all it’s about achieving something that had to be proven just to the actor herself.

Of course, actors are just practicing when they become someone else off stage but when an actor such as Marina gets on a set or location practice is over and the real thing starts. That is, the believability concept starts for real. If you have seen Marina act in anything then you know what we’re talking about. The believability factor that this very much in-demand actor brings with her everywhere she goes is inspiring.

Her face is a beautiful face but it is also an expressive one. Marina is able to demonstrate how her character is feeling at any given moment in the acting process. She can be extraordinarily happy or serious and she can have the presence of a stoic armed protector walking her charges through wild country.
Marina was born to be an actress even though she has a degree in International Business. She is someone to be taken seriously because she takes her craft and her talent seriously, as she should. She does it quickly too.

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