Our Resent Conversation With Lamar Rice

Meet Lamar Rice, (aka @likelamar on Instagram)  a student at Kent State University and a fashion stylist who we think will be the next upcoming face of streetwear fashion and also who you’ll likely be hearing a lot more about in the next year or two. To learn more, we sat down with Lamar to talk about his career, his style inspirations, and his beginnings in the fashion world.

Celebs Fans : Where are you from and what exactly do you do?

Lamar Rice: I’m From Columbus Ohio and I basically help people who want to change up their style and their image, so I pretty much pull off fits for a living

Celebs Fans : Who are your Style inspirations?

Lamar Rice: I honestly don’t have any, it really took me a long time to find my own style but once I did I owned it. If I have to compare my style to anybody else’s I’d say it’s either Kanye or rocky haha

Celebs Fans : If you had to give any advice for someone who wants to become a stylist what would you tell them?

Lamar Rice : I would tell them to really study the fashion industry and you always need to stay ahead on the trends, if anything make the trends. Stay true to your style because in the end it’s yours and nobody can pull it off like you, people will gravitate to originality you know.

Celebs Fans : Thanks I really appreciate you answering our questions

Lamar Rice : Oh no problem anytime, if you ever interview Rihanna or something tell her to sit on my face.