A Recent Interview With Alexandre Alonso The Man Behind ACAFILMS LOW FILM FESTIVAL

Today on our Hot Seat we have Alexandre Alonso The Man Behind ACAFILMS LOW FILM FESTIVAL. The film festival has already 100 entries and still counting. Stories from around the world were submitted. This is the first year of the festival, but it is already a huge succes.He is an actor two, in 2016 He was the lead in the movie Berço Esplêndido, co- star to Antonio Petrin who worked with Sonia Braga ( Luke Cage and Aquarius.)

 What has been the hardest part of your career?

I guess getting around the fact I’m shortened to some kind of typecast. You see, I’m fat, I got curly hair, I do have a type that is required sometimes but rejected most of the times. Especially characters of my age.

Where do you see yourself in a few years?

I hope to get to play different types of roles, and beeing able to produce more with the people I produce today. Giving segment to things, building them, seeing them grow, that’s something that I would like to seek for the future. Stability.

 What kind of roles do you prefer?

I like to play things close to home. Is that a mistake? I don’t know. But the cathartic feeling is so good. Beeing able to unplug some of those wild problems really helps. It’s actually the times I get myself more in the moment than ever, when I’m acting something that is close to home.

 Have you ever gotten a chance to be on the other side of the table at an audition (watching, instead of auditioning)? What did you learn from that?

Yes, I do. As a director of low-budget productions, a do my own casting, to find the right actor or actress we need to focus on what really matters, and I learned some stuff during this auditions, especially the failed ones. I learned not to talk slowly. Don’t, ever, dress up to character, that’s even come as offensive to the casting director.


 What has been your favorite role so far?

It was probably doing myself on a biographical take on my life called Berço Esplêndido, where I got to act beside awesome Brazilian talent from Television, cinema, and theater.

 Have you ever played someone of the opposite gender? What was that like?

No, I haven’t,

7- What show could you do for years?
Definitely Family Guy or American Dad, I love these shows, and yes I know they are pretty much the same thing! Outrageous humor, crazy characters. And it’s an animation. All point’s checked! I could do it with my hands on my back for free! I wouldn’t blink twice!

What is the strangest thing a role required you to do?

I think playing myself was sometimes awkward. But in this six years, I had prosthetic between my legs, I kissed props, I went fully nude, I throw up ( for real) fake blood, an entire bottle of it.

If you could choose, what three actors would you really want to work with?

Wagner Moura. Verá Holtz and Rosário Dawson.

What’s the worst part about being an actor?

That’s easy! The gap’s between jobs.