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A Great Man !Chris Perguidi

SAN JOSE, California a group of Hoodlums attacked the wrong man ,A “Pokémon Go” player,who moonlights as an underground wrestler as part of the group known as UGWA. Chris Perguidi, a 27-year-old comic-book artist and part time wrestler,
fought off male and female attackers the afternoon of July 27 at San Carlos and Second streets, where there happens to be a game-refreshing “PokeStop” in the popular  smartphone game.
He came away from the encounter with a  wound on his chin and slash marks on his chest and back, inflicted  by a straight razor.

Photo by David Brown

Perguidi  took a bus to San Jose and was walking east along the south side of San Carlos Street around 3 p.m. that day when, while pointing his phone at various Pokemon in the virtual world, he heard a couple yelling from  across the street.  He got the impression they thought he was recording video of them.
” I realized they were yelling at me,” Perguidi said. “I just told them I was just playing ‘Pokémon Go’ on my phone.”
The woman walked across active traffic to confront him.
” I told her I was just playing a video game,” he said.
The woman threw a water bottle at him, and then he felt a tug on his shoulder, which   was her male companion Armed with a knife . The  man pulled out a straight razor, little did the man know that Chris Perguidi had been training for his next match, the two fought and Chris Perguidi Knocked the razor kicked the razor into the street.

The woman then jumped on him and he tossed her off, and he was hit in the face. He  fought the pair off and chased them into an alleyway ,
where they begged him to not call The police, and he allowed them to leave.
Only afterward did he and bystanders notice that he had been slashed with the razor, leaving the chin gash  and other cuts.
He said that during the attack he reflexively tucked his chin, something he learned during his years of  martial arts training.
Perguidi said he believes that maneuver saved his life.

A brief police summary  corroborated  Perguidi’s account.

story by Adam Hayes

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