The Latin Singer: Joni Sandez On the Sierreño and Norteño Genre

Joni Sandez has just released his new single “Las Mañanitas.” Sierreño and Norteño have long been the genres that have taken over the latin market for some time. Joni Sandez is a singer for both of these genres and has managed to amass a huge following in this market. We sat down with him to get a little bit of his insight in these genres.

Celebrity Blog: How long have you been singing for Joni?

Joni Sandez: It’s been a while. Maybe since I was eight or nine. You know I wasn’t always good probably still not [laughing] . I struggled a lot but I was able to finally get somewhat to where I wanted to be.

CB: What made you want to be a Norteño singer?

JS: It was mostly the people I looked up to… and also I kind of always loved entertaining being able to sing and perform has just always been in my life. I got a taste of what it was like once with my first bands, I was in and ever since then I knew it was what I wanted to do.

CB: Why did you choose the genre (Norteño) and what makes it different than all the others?

JS: You know my stepdad influenced me a bunch and I kind of learned that market [genre]. Many of the people in my life have full time careers in that market. People like promoters and managers.

CB: What are some musicians or artists you have looked up to?

JS: Jeez… a lot. I really admire anybody that can get up on stage and deliver a song. It takes guts, I believe many people take it for granted… you know the whole live singing thing. I mean look at public speaking it’s like the number one fear.

CB: Would you ever change genres?

JS: At this point in my career coming from a Norteño “grupero” background I probably wouldn’t… I mean I have plans to release some English songs in a Sierreño style… but I guess you never know anything can happen in the future right?

CB: So what’s new in your career?

JS: Right now we’re actually releasing some Disney songs: A Whole New World, You’ve Got A Friend in Me, and the Circle of Life. They’re going to be one of the first times that I release an English song so I hope I don’t destroy them and people like them. They sound good in my opinion but you know I can’t wait ’till the public listens to them and gives their approval.

CB: Anything else you want to add to this interview?

JS: Nothing just to tell people that they can follow me on social media and that I’d be happy to follow back if they’re coming from celebrity blog. Thanks!

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