An Interview with Music Producer Reda Haddioui

Today’s guest is a young but already very successful music producer, songwriter, and composer. He graduated from the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, before moving to Los Angeles to live his dream. He just turned 26 earlier this month, and the music he has produced have already been awarded at the USA Songwriting competition, featured in movies, major TV Shows, as well as on luxury brands trailers. He is also a producer and composer for Universal’s production music library. His latest collaboration with the up and coming indie folk duo Modern Monet have been selected for the 2019 Wells Fargo Rose Parade. Without further do, please meet Reda Haddioui.

Reda, you have produced music that have been successful in a wide variety of genres, can you talk about the way you approach each project, and how you became such a great all around music producer?

Thank you for the compliments! I’ve never really considered myself as a “great” producer. I’ve hustled and worked hard to be able to improve my craft around insanely talented people. First, I’d like to say that before being able to get projects, one of the most important thing in this field is to make people eager to work with you. I believe that it is just as important as your skills. If people like hanging out with you, they’ll want to work with you and keep calling you for projects. So I approach each one of them the same way. I always give my best to make the most out of my and my client’s time. I think that empathy is extremely important. I wouldn’t want to give my project to someone that I feel isn’t going to do his best to make it as good as it can be, so I try to be the person I wouldn’t hesitate to hand my project to.

As we mentioned previously, one of the song you have produced for the indie folk duo Modern Monet have been synced by Wells Fargo for their 2019 Rose Parade. How do you feel about it, especially knowing how selective such a big company’s sync department is?

I think that the reason it happened is because everything I’ve done with the band has always been authentic. Since the day they walked in the studio, we’ve never worked on music with a specific goal in mind. We just wanted to create meaningful songs that were as honest as possible, without thinking of the outcome. I don’t take credit for any of it, the band has something special, my goal was to help them convey their feelings to the listeners the way they expressed them in our conversations. Obviously it feels great to have a world known company such as Wells Fargo syncing your song but again, I don’t think it would have happened if we were briefed or tried to write a song mainly to get it synced.

You’ve also produced Adaline song “Let’s Stay Inside” for the major TV Show Wynonna Earp. The song has created a buzz and have been heavily shared by the Show’s fans. Can you tell us about how it happened?

I’ve written and produced several songs for the artist Adaline that had already released this song. The Wynonna Earp music department loved the lyrics but the production didn’t match the vibe of the episode. They wanted a sexy Christmas version, which was extremely different from the original version. I’m glad Adaline thought of me and that I’ve been able to produce the song the way they wanted it, the fans seemed to love it as well, which makes me happy. It all goes back to building strong relationships with artists and people in general. Adaline probably wouldn’t have called me if we didn’t have fun working together on previous projects. My most successful ones happened with people that I can also call friends today.

Thank you for sharing your story with us Reda, and we wish you even more success in the future.

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