An Exclusive Interview with Aleksander Boudin

Recently, I have had the pleasure of sitting down for an interview with Aleksander Boudin, an international straight male companion.
How are you Aleksander and can you tell us about yourself?
I am doing great, thank you. I was born in 1986 (Paris, France) by French/Slovenian parents though, at an early age, my family decided to move back to Slovenia (it certainly was not my decision). I hold multiple passports, including EU and USA with multiple residencies worldwide and have visited over 85 countries by now. Travelling is truly my passion and exposure to diversity has allowed me to become a more versatile person. I have started this line of work approximately 8 years ago and I have been thoroughly enjoying every moment of it so far.

What is it that you think sets you apart from the rest?
Similarly to the lead character in the movie “Fifty shades of Grey”, I am a successful serial entrepreneur with multiple businesses and investments. I do not do this job because I need it, but because I enjoy bringing intimacy in people’s lives, making fantasies come true, seeing others happy and creating ever-lasting memories that are all core principles in my life.

If you have been doing this for so long, how come most of us haven’t heard about you?
That’s a valid question. As I have mentioned earlier, I own multiple successful businesses that bring me a wonderful source of income. I have never really spent any money on marketing or soliciting to acquire new acquaintances with this job, simply because I am relatively busy with my “other lives”. Furthermore, in the past 4.5 years, I have been with 1 person exclusively in a long-term arrangement that has just ended a few months ago. I have just had enough time for a new photoshoot and to design a new website to be back online again.

That’s exciting! Tell us more about this wealthy lady…

I wish I could, but I signed an NDA which prohibits me from disclosing details about her and our time together. Plus as they say, a gentleman never tells…

What do you think about the stigma that surrounds your field of work?
Straight male escorts for hire come from a variety of backgrounds. I don’t judge and I don’t let anyone judge me either. I believe that as long as 2 consenting adults enjoy sharing a wonderful time, creating positive vibes and each person gains something out of their time, then it is really difficult for me to see the downside. Intimacy also has its taboos in today’s society but I believe that people are more and more open about it as we, as a society evolve. At the end of the day, life is too short not to enjoy it, right?!

How about relationships?
Needless to say, it is incredibly difficult to shuffle a relationship besides this line of work. Let’s just say that I prefer to be single at this point and not over complicate things that may cause inconveniences in other people’s lives as well as in mine. Of course, I am always open to possibilities and should love ever find me, I would never be opposed to it.

What do you think a male companion should provide for a lady?
It is a great question, yet, a rather complex one to answer. In short: whatever the lady wants. Straight male escorts for women, in my opinion, should provide the lady with an environment where she can feel safe, at ease and relaxed. Creating a non-judgmental zone and a trusted environment is equally important. He should provide his undivided attention combined with – today’s sadly ever-fading – old-school chivalry while establishing chemistry and bringing a smile to her face. I think these elements are vital for every meeting but since everybody wants something different out of a meeting like this; men should cater to women according to the women’s needs.

What is the most challenging part of your work?
Establishing all the things I have mentioned above when it comes to shorter appointments. As a first-time meetup, I always require a 2 hours minimum session, because establishing chemistry takes a little time and typically women’s approach towards a meeting like this is vastly different from the typical men’s approach. When this scenario is the other way around and men seek out the services of a female professional, the needs are purely physical. With women, the mental connection is just as – if not more – important as the physical part.

How would you characterize the women who reach out to you to acquire your services?
Today’s women are more established and more powerful than they were 10 years ago. The shift has been more and more prevalent in the past year or two since there has been a lot of initiatives and women-networking groups that allow them to show them a path to grow and to become more successful at what they do but as you may know, success always comes at a price. We are talking about hard-working women who make certain sacrifices in their personal lives to get where they want to be in their careers, but at some point, we all want intimacy in our lives and that is when a person like me comes into the picture. In conclusion: career-driven, successful, classy, upscale and confident women who know what they want and what their desires are.

Would you consider to end up being in a relationship if you find someone through this job?
Theoretically, that would not be professional but since this will hardly be reported to Aleksander Boudin’s HR department, I will say that I will never say NO to love, should love happen!

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