Interview With Fanny Axén Branding & PR Expert

Q:   First of all tell us about the start of your professional career?

The start of my journey was being hired to work with my own idol Mohombi, that was at the time the artist that had 1 of the biggest songs out at the time and being signed as the first artist of producer behind lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez Redone.
Today he’s the most successful artist from scandinavia and is behind songs as both  songwriter/producer and feature  and worked with the biggest artists in the works like Cardi B Jennifer Lopez,  and Beyonce to mention a few and is a  grammy award winning and nominated artist/songwriter and producer.

Q:  What advice would you give to beginners who are nervous?

Believe in yourself, you have to sell yourself and show who you are to the world, if your confident in why you are doing what you’re doing and have a strong vision and story you will be good.
When times get tough keep grinding don’t ever give up.
Your story makes you unique.

Q:  What does it take for you to start working with a new artist?

Now i actually learned that i won’t work with a artists that doesnt work hard on their own career and just expect you to do everything for them and use your connections and name,  I recently took on  an absolutely amazing artist that impressed me so much that i just knew i had to get onboard, but yeah it takes a lot.

Q: What’s your motto or the advice you live by?

Fake it to you make it! And treat people how you want to be treated.

Q: What is you favorite song to belt out at the bar/in the car right now?

Right now…

Excuse me by Ro James and a new song with my new artist  Kristofer Greczula thats coming out 🙂


Q :What are your future goals as a Female in the music business?

I want to be a good role model and for the younger generation to see that hard work pays off and to get respect as a female is worth so much, I recently got my dream job with so many opportunities and i’m so excited about that i worked over 13 years for this and it’s been paying off.

Q: What was your most memorable moment to date ?

There’s been a few, i took care of a huge artist concert  completely on my own, no budgets or anything and  managed to sell tickets and took care of venue, had my artists opening and all promotion around it, on my own, and now got a great relationship with that artist because of the hard work i did.
Also getting hired by my 2 own Idols
First one being grammy award winning Mohombi, and also Ro James
That’s 2 extremely talented artists that i looked up 2 i i work/ worked with both of them.

Q :How can we follow you on social media ??

Ig: Fanny.Axen