Interview With Talented Artist Fahmi Fauzi

Q : Hi Fahmi Fauzi ! Can you give me a bit of info about your background? Did you study, and when did you start illustrating professionally?

A : Hello, I’m graduated from University with Language Degree, but i take path what i always wanna be come, an Illustrator. I have been Illustration industry since 2011

Q: What It like being on Team Like Samurai Shin?

A : Samuraishin has become one of my family, we start with 3 People and grow up until 7 people in the team with so many interesting background So we could learn from each other experiences. Mikel is very kind and flexible, he let the team work on their part with their own pace (sometimes i forget i have task given from mikel and he always kindly reminds me, hahaha my bad, Sorry Mikel)

Q :I notice that you do a lot of personal work: creating GIF illustrations, or Graphics What drives you, or what do you enjoy most, in your personal work?

A :Doing personal work has always been my escape when i’m pretty tired or bored with projects i’m working on. Sure drawing is my passion but sometimes when working for another person, there are boundaries/rule to be obeyed. Plus deadlines is always stressing stuff so yeah doing personal work is stress reliever cause you can do everything you want in your artwork and that is fun.


Q :What tools or techniques can you share about your process? Is it all hand done or is there a computer involved?

A :Most of my works are done with computer, i have equipment that fully support me to work directly with PC, which is pen tablet

Q : Are you quite active on social media? – using Instagram and tumblr to share your work. What is your approach to this?? Or are you more focused on connecting with other creatives and sharing your work with others?

A : I’m very active on social media, and it’s always my place to promote my works and also networking with people who share same interests. Social media is very powerful tools today to support your career, if you use it wisely. By the way I mostly active on Instagram and i have Instagram account that heavily focused on only showcasing my artworks which is @mangamie

Q: With the variety of contexts and media that illustrators are working in, have you seen any changes in the way contracts and copyright have developed? What should illustrators keep in mind when agreeing to commissions?

A : I don’t think there aren’t much change how contract and copyright change, because i it is made specifically by clients and we illustratos have to obey agreements that have been made (of course there must be discussion both between artist and client before talking about written agreement which include copyright)

Q:What are the steps an illustrator could take to try and get bigger projects and clients?

A: Just keep active post your works everywhere online. Give respond to everyone who appreciate your works Or in short, be kind. Meeting with new people through convention, art workshop, seminar is also a way to get a chance to be noticed by big clients.

Q:As a freelance illustrator there is little transparency and seemingly no financial guide for what or how to charge for usage rights. Are there set criteria that you work with in contracting usage rights?

A: Well it’s based on freelancer’s capability i think and how they value their own works

Q: Do you have any more future projects in the pipeline?

A: I have some, but i think i’ll keep it secret for now

Q: As someone just starting out in illustration how do you hope your practice will develop? What are you looking forward to in the future?

A: Practice makes perfect is not a lie. Getting better and better means there are lots of opportunity come and ready to be taken when your skill meets Industry standrad

Q: Have you enjoyed developing a long-term relationship with a client?

A: Ofcourse i do enjoy it


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