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Corlioni – The New Generation Producer Artist

In recent years we have seen an extraordinary new phenomenon hit the music scene, that being the appearance of the Producer/Artist. This is a new category of musician that is thriving amid today’s modern music industry, we ask just what are Producer/ Artists? We talk to one such producer who goes by the name of Corlioni, his music is melodic, cool and his new release “Destiny” is causing quite a stir.

1, Can you explain just what a producer/artist is?

Hmm, I will try as best I can but in all honesty I never really thought of there being such a thing as a producer artist. I suppose we could be categorised as musicians who are not really in it for the glamour etc, we simply enjoy making music and due to the internet we can now market our songs without needing to jump on the usual music biz treadmill.  Years ago a song would need an act or artist in order for it to be promoted, now as a producer I can hire a singer, produce a song and with the aid of the internet I now have the power to market it without touring as an act.

2, How would you explain your style of music?

Actually I always struggle to categorize my genre, I firstly always say it is electronic dance, I then say it tends to have a degree of tropical house thrown in for good measure. There are so many genres of dance out there that I tend to steer clear of choosing a genre, I never set out to write in a specific niche and prefer to just see how a song evolves.

3. Many people tend to say your music is very Nordic, why do you think that is?

Lol yes I can see exactly why that is the case, I am actually extremely complimented when I read this. I think that I must have some Viking ancestors somewhere along the way lol, the main reason I think is that to me melodies are the most important aspect of a song. Swedish, Danish and Norwegian writers also are strong in that area. I think that it must be a traditional thing that goes back to days gone by, I also have to admit I love euro-pop and always have done lol.

4. What kinds of music an artist do you yourself like?

There are so many I could spend ages answering that, there is a young producer called Ahrix who looks quite interesting. He produced an amazing tune called “Nova” which I think is awesome. I also admire Mike Perry and then there is Alan Walker, Alan is a genius and writes some amazing material. Of course I must also mention Kygo, he never fails to deliver and his playing skills are awesome. I also like 80’s and 90’s acts such as Soft Cell, OMD and Depeche Mode, those guys were innovators and I am always mesmerized when I hear their music.

5. Who would you like to work with in the future?

Ahh that’s an easy one, Zara Larsson has to be the top of the list. Her voice is silky as anything and very distinctive indeed, that would be awesome and I would love to work with her. Also Shy Martin, she sang and wrote the Ocean, great song and great production by Mike Perry. Another artist I would like to work with is Chris Isaak, I know he is a fifties style artist but his voice is awesome and would work well with a laid back tropical “style” dance track.

6. Lastly what are your plans for the future?

More songs, more videos and more musical experimentation….