Let’s Meet A Multi Talented Engineer And Music Producer

Celebs Fans : First Tell us a little about You ??

 I am Tariq from Sri Lanka i am Singer, music composer, IT network engineer 🙂

Celebs Fans :How do you manage to work in the fields of both network engineering and music production?

Network engineering was my main career when I wasn’t able to find myself as an artist. It is the field which gave me more work exposure in both technical and analytical areas. Later I started loving music more than any other field when I found me.

It’s about time management and proper scheduling to work along with two different fields. However, it’s too difficult to concentrate both fields at the same time by giving similar values. So, you should know how to adapt things when you are in such situation.

Nowadays I am working more as an artist than a networking guy. This is due to small-scale workload of my present job too. This year I have completed my masters as well while working for my debut album. So it’s just the matter of understanding.

Celebs Fans :Who do you work with in your latest album?

I’ve just planned to work for a Tamil song, a single with south Indian lyric writer, Vignesh. No idea about who is going to sing. I think it’s too early to me to discuss about this.

Celebs Fans :Which track in your recent album do you like the most? Why?

It’s “Bin Tere” from my last album, Izhaar-e-Ishq. I always love to use piano instrument which is known to be the best part of any track mostly. So I used it in many areas of this song. Also this track has been featured in Indian subcontinent and Middle East countries among the youth soon after the release. Moreover, it gave me good exposure as well.

Celebs Fans :What are the influences?

I grew up listening to the songs of Indian playback singer Karthik. Soon, I began singing while listening to his tracks.

Apart from musical, the biggest influence is Tennis legend Roger Federer who inspired me well in many areas of my life. His on-court and off-court life gave me some life-changing lessons. It’s hard to explain and this is not the right place either.

Celebs Fans :In the next 3-5 years, what do you hope to achieve?

Well, I am still learning to make some good music. So obviously, my goal is to learn things well in order to make better recordings. Also I am thinking to collaborate with more artists to release my future tracks.

The next years are very important to me. I have to expand my bandwidth and coverage, and I hope I can able to deliver better music in the days ahead.

Celebs Fans Thank you for your time !