Sugaring Vs Waxing

Persian waxing is a technique created in the 1900 BC but became popular in the 80s among men and women. It is less harmful to the skin and less painful than waxing with the same results dealing with undesirable body hair. If waxing is too hard for you and your skin, we recommend you to try sugaring.

It banishes every little hair from the root leaving a soft and smooth skin.

Main features of sugaring

Removing body hair is an unavoidable task for these days, men and women. A new way that is becoming more popular is summer in Europe consist of a preparation based in sugar, lemon juice and water in a mix caramel like. An excellent alternative to people that cannot have a regular waxing procedure.

  1. The temperature of the sugaring is lower than wax: this allows the procedure to sensitives skins and varicose people. The temperature is 98 degrees, friendly to delicate skins because is lower than regular wax.
  2. Penetration into the skin’s cells: that make possible the paste to get inside the follicles and remove the hair from the root. It removes hair as small as a grain of sand
  3. Moldelate perfect eyebrows: because of being softer it’s perfect for the depilation of the face’s delicate skin. It gives a natural shape that lasts up to four weeks.
  4. Can contain honey: this makes the procedure more pleasant and leaves the skin with a softer texture and hydrates it.
  5. Organic ingredients: it prevents allergies. The mixture of elements in the sugaring are sticky and make easy the removal of hairs.
  6. Can be performed in any part of the body.

It is important to take care of ourselves and trust in the experts with our health and skin and not performing the procedure all alone at home because it includes a hot temperature that can cause burning and irreparable damage to the skin.