Microblading Service in Orange County

Women all over the world have always followed the latest trend imposed by influencer on social medias and designers on the fashion runways. The new trend on eyebrows is to have them thick and dark. The eyebrows are the frame of the face and give it expression. For aesthetic reasons is important to keep them clean, problems arrives when you don’t have enough hair on the eyebrows, a solution for this is the microblading.

Differents between microblading and eyebrow tattoos

It is a new type of semi-permanent makeup for eyebrows for both women and men to look gorgeous and full eyebrows, ideal to fill them with thickness. It consists in the use of an extremely fine blade that creates small incisions to refill the eyebrow hair by hair into the skin along the brow line in order to make it look the most natural possible. It lasts about two to three years.

Thinly plucked arched eyebrows are not as popular like they used to be but now the trend is to use thicker and structured eyebrows and make up the eyebrows can be an annoying process for daily task but eyebrows tattoos look unnatural and sometimes ridiculous.

  1. Using a blade opposed to needles: this procedure consists in the use of an extremely fine blade and not a needle like a tattoo.
  2. It is semi-permanent instead of permanent: microblading last up to three years because the pigments are not injected into the epidermis like tattoos are.
  3. The particles of pigments are also smaller that the ink particles.
  4. They can be removed: if the client is not satisfied, the pigments can be lifted out of the skin, which will remove the lines instantly.

If you are thinking to use this technique to power up your face, there are a few tips to protect your new eyebrows avoid getting your eyebrows wet for the first two to three days and avoid facial cleansers that are harsh or make up removers. Avoid the eyebrows while exfoliating the skin and avoid swimming in pool cause bleachers can affect the pigmentation. Make sure to use sunblock when get out to the sun. Finally, you should do a retouch once a moth have passed and have your eyebrows checks over a year after the procedure. With time, the pigment fades away and the original eyebrow remains.