What color bridal should wear in Winter weddings

Wedding is the most important occasion for a bride. Every bride wants to look tremendous. It’s really hard for her to choose her wedding dress. There are many designers who design fabulous kind of clothes for brides. Sometimes it’s really hard to decide that what colours should brides wear in Winter wedding.

Winter is the season of love, passion and experiments. You can wear whatever you want to wear. But this also depends on the colour complexion of the bride.

If she has a dark tone then she can not wear anything she wants and if she has a lighter tone even then she has to be choosy while wearing some colors.

Winter is not the season where you have to wear light dull pastel shades colours. You can go for dark colours if you want.

Here are some of the tips that what colours should brides wear in Winter weddings

Skin tone
If the bride has a darker skin tone then she can wear light blue, dark brown, black, grey, dull red and orange wedding dresses. Bride looks extremely stunning when they wear dull red wedding dress with dull gold work on it. If they want to go for brown shades then they can have colour combination with the dress. They can either have light brown and dark brown colour combination or can have with open back wedding dresses combination.

If the bride has light skin tone she can even go for light colours but in Winters she should go for dark colours. Brides can wear dull gold colour in Winter wedding. Peach colour wedding dress with dull gold work on it looks perfect. Brides can wear dark purple, dark blue and dark bottle green dresses.

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