Get Best Japanese Traditional Coats At AKANE KIMONO

Rich in history, tradition, and culture, the country of Japan is home to various traditional items and rituals. One of the many items in Japan that hold a rich history in the country is clothing. There are various traditional Japanese clothes that the Japanese people have worn centuries ago. Some of these clothes are still being worn today. Truly, one can see how the Japanese uphold and treasure their history and tradition. Among these traditional or vintage Japanese clothes, there is a coat known as kimono

Traditional Japanese kimono are more formal than yukata but can still be worn for both casual and formal occasions. Traditional kimono have gorgeous designs and coloring and can be worn or used for ornamental decoration.

The Japanese kimono is considered ‘wearable art’ since many artisans’ techniques are used on one kimono. These traditional techniques and designs are breathtakingly beautiful – it is hard to find words to describe them.

We buy most of our Japanese kimono from Akane Kimmono
We hope you enjoy wearing your kimono and appreciate the detail and uniqueness of each design.

Each of our kimono is one of a kind, is authentic and antique.

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