MERLIN – Dark Matter EP

MERLIN Possesses Girl Boss Energy in Dark Matter EP

Dark Matter is an anthem of self respect. MERLIN’s 3 song EP is filled with danceable bass lines, catchy melodies and an overwhelming sense of “Girl Boss” energy. ”Can’t Touch This” kicks off the EP with a lively song fit to dance the night away. The post chorus line brims with authority and clever writing as MERLIN sings, “You see it, you want it, respect your mom”.
Can’t Touch This (Official Video):

Perhaps the boldest song of the collection, “Owe You” is clearly about someone who doesn’t know their place, and MERLIN is quick to remind them with lyrics such as, “You! Must be fired up cause I won’t be tied up/Woop! Out your Handcuffs, trip and I stand up, You must think I owe you something”. “Spiral” feels like floating in space while contemplating what to do about a push and pull relationship. Plus, the hook of this galactic tune is sure to stay in your head for hours. With the release of Dark Matter, MERLIN showcases her talent and stakes her ground as a force in the world of club/dance music. A clear example of someone who calls the shots and takes what she wants, MERLIN stakes her ground with the release of Dark Matter.

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