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The Passion And Determination Of Lil’Phat

If you are passionate about something then nothing can stop you from succeeding at it. The Russian break dancer Lil’Phat, whose real name is Ilia Igorevich Openchuk is living proof of that adage. He started break dancing after he saw some teenagers doing it a children’s camp he was attending. He couldn’t get over the magic of the uncommon movements of that interesting art form. The dancers would spin on their arms and shoulders and then spin on their heads and he felt if they could do then so could he.

When he wasn’t going to school or playing other sports like swimming and handball then he was break dancing and watching other dancers to see what other moves were possible. He soon realized that break dancing was really an individual sport and way to dance that didn’t have a blueprint that fit everyone. In other words, break dancers might have several similar moves but ultimately, each one would develop dance steps and movements that were quite unique to them and them alone.

He also observed that there was no special method of training for the break dancer but he did find out the importance of warming up before trying any moves. He found that the older a break dancer is that more time warming up is essential for better and more fluid body movements and also to prevent injuries, which are common to all dancers and all athletes.

Lil’Phat has won numerous awards in break dancing competitions. He has also shared awards with his crew “Derevo.” They have traveled all over the planet, from China and Russia and Korea, to Europe and the United States and have proven themselves to be international competitors who are excellent break dancers. They are proud to have won the world championship at KOD (Keep On Dancing) in 2014 in China. Lil’Phat and his crew are the only break dancing team from Russia to have ever won that event. Apparently, persistence really works as they attempted three times before to win it and then finally did so on the fourth try.

Lil’Phat has been in Los Angeles for a while now and is studying everything hip hop and blending in with the street culture in Southern California. He brings a lot of talent with him from his home country of Russia and says that practice is how to find your way.