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Laynee Presley Finally Accepted By The Presley Family And Estate

This gem made more magnificent by the perfect step cut in this emerald cut diamond, making it look like endless stairs to the depths of perfection is the heart and soul of Laynee Presley , daughter of Elvis Presley while he was in the U.K. She is true, honest and finally accepted by the Presley family and estate! Laynee Presley has been a hero to me! She refused to give up her truthful birthright as a daughter of Elvis. I knew her before the results were in! I felt her connection with her father much and she is now an accepted and beloved member of the family. God accepts the truth and works to restore relationships. I love you Laynee Presley.

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Sherryjane Cooke
axs Contributing Writer (Part of AEG Entertainment)/Music Publicity & Brand Mgmt., Near-Death Exp. Survivor/Researcher www.axs.com

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