Is MircroRhinplasty is good for you?

MicroRhinplasty is one of the best nose job procedure which is usually done under local anesthesia where a small incision is placed inside the nose for the purpose of nose altering. This small incision is created with the help of micro instrument which can easily be placed under the skin. After placing the incision it starts vibrating and due to its fast vibration, it only improves the structure and functions of the nose. This advanced technique is safe as compared to old traditional osteotomy because these old traditional methods fractures as well as repositioned the bones of the nose.

Microrhinoplasty operation under general anesthesia and it takes arround 2-3 hours also this operation is the best for second rhinoplasty and deviation problems.

Why Choose MicroRhinplasty?

It is an exciting technique for the removal of the hump and bumps because it is the best invasive alternative to traditional old techniques. It is specially designed for the correction of shape as well as the performance of the nose without invasive surgery. Those patients who are suffering from large nasal hump or bump will see the best results after using this advanced technique. In this technique, nasal bones are not repositioned or fractured because an air power micro saw is used which is able to precisely remove the hump or bump layer by layer until the best appearance and structure is achieved.

Is MicroRhinoplasty is Safe?

Yes, this advanced technique is very safe as compared to traditional old techniques. Osteotomy is the most popular old technique for nasal surgery but this old technique is not safe because nasal bones are repositioned and fractured after using this technique. While on the other hand small incision is used in this advanced technique which doesn’t fracture the nasal bones.

Even though if you know about Rhinoplasty cosmetic procedure, maybe you didn’t hear about its best and less invasive alternative which is called MicroRhinplasty. It is a specialized procedure used for nasal patients for the purpose of achieving the best results with no recovery time. But it is must for you to know that this surgery is right for you or not. If you want to be eligible for this surgery or any other nasal surgery then overall good health is must for you as well as you have realistic expectations about the results.

Those peoples who want to change the appearance of their nose by removing the hump or bump from the nose ideal patients for this surgery. In this situation, full scale traditional surgery is not needed because changes are made in the nose are only focused on one portion of the nose. One thing that you need to keep in mind is that don’t go for this surgery if your bridge of the nose is not related to your nasal concerns.