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I realize that Emanuele Marani is a motion design artist but I was still attracted to some of his stills. They could have been frames from an animation piece but that didn’t really matter – they stood on their own as expressions of Emanuele’s artistic mind. The black and white frame which had six screws in it caught my eye and held my attention for some time. Here was a handful of common screws, placed in precisely the right positions and the whole meaning of “hand me those screws” changed forever. These screws were no longer things that you buy in a hardware store, they were rockets that were hurtling through the atmosphere at 22,000 miles per hour toward a target that was deep in space.

Emanuele transforms everyday things into awe-inspiring and thought provoking elements that force us all to look twice. This Italian artist from Tuscany has been doing this kind of sleight of hand since he was a kid. He’s been making something from nothing just because he wanted to. We feel however, that he does it because he can’t not do it. He must do it – he must create. Emanuele Marani is an artist because there is nothing else he could be. Sure, he could probably be a good carpenter or corporate executive but ever since he started watching cartoons and movies and reading comic books as a kid, he was tapped by a higher source to see things differently.

Daily Render- 3 by Emanuele Marani
Daily Render- 3 by Emanuele Marani

Apparently, other sources, even though not as high as the one mentioned above, see things the same way. Companies like Fox hired him when he was fresh out of design school and he worked on many of the company’s popular shows like Fox Life, Fox Sport, Fox Retro, Fox Crime and FX. He also worked on the Los Angeles Show Outcast and his logo and logo animation work on that TV production won him accolades and awards at Promax and the New York Festivals.

Emanuele’s passion for motion graphics has taken him a long way and has given him a successful and colorful career in the motion picture and entertainment industries. That hasn’t stopped him, however, from always looking for new knowledge, techniques and styles to incorporate into his own art and the art he does professionally for studios.