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Inspiring Hollywood Actress Daniela Junko

At first glance, one can be captivated by Daniela Junko’s screen presence and her leading lady looks. This captivating actress has a devoted passion for her craft and the art of story telling.
Upon fulfilling her ‘duties’ as a daughter of a traditional Japanese father, Daniela was free to pursue her dreams to become an actress. At an early age, Daniela or should we say DJ, experienced a moment of fate when a prominent Brazilian director discovered her.

Raised in Norway, the Brazilian/Japanese actress has taken on the role of the leading woman in a slate of feature films. Remaining patient and staying grounded is the key to Daniela’s success in Hollywood.

Recently, she played the lead role of Ella, in the distinguished film Alone, a movie that explores the theme of depression. The film unfolds the circumstances in which the disease can evolve. “The hardest part was to go there and feel the pain and sufferance that it can induce physically and emotionally” she says. Her character Ella, was filled with different layers of emotions that needed to be revealed in order to convey truthful grief. Daniela received critical acclaim for her performance and was nominated at the Madrid International Film Festival for Best Lead Actress. Also, the highly praised film Alone was selected for the prestigious Cannes film festival, IFS in Beverly Hills film festival and won an award at the Madrid International film festival.

Daniela has also showed off her work in the incredible feature film I am Tommy Talbot, where she played the lead role of Joslyn. The story exposed a transgender serial killer who has been chased by an obsessive detective. The character of Joslyn was extremely complex due to her abusive boyfriend. She became very defensive and had a hard time to trust any man she would meet. Daniela portrayed that role beautifully and thanks to her talented director Matt Hewes (known for Grace Everlasting) who allowed a refreshing freedom to unveil her persona. Her co-star Delpaneaux Wills, known for NCIS Los Angeles and Criminal Minds, played the role of the detective, Scottie Haversheim.

Daniela is a champion of other artists chasing their dreams. As her career continues to flourish, she hopes to be an inspiration to others. Her talent is showcased in many prominent feature films such as, Three Kings Down, (which was nominated at 24 Hour Film Race and the Golden Indie Movie Award), The Incision, and Big Bash.

Be sure to check out the exceptional Daniela Junko on the big screen for many more years to come. Next up, Daniela takes on the lead role in the feature film, Killer Issues –the action film will depict a powerful politician, involved in money laundering with a mafia network across three continents. She will be revealing her sensational martial arts skills while portraying an influential femme fatale!