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The Amazing Work Of Talented Artist Ab5olootfaxtz

Where do we begin? In Hip Hop, the wave & vibe constantly changes, who was Hot last month or year may be irrelevant. But Artist Ab5olootfaxtz has become the abnormal. Released from a North Carolina prison after facing the Death penalty & ultimately serving 15 years on a 18 year sentence for murder, he’s done a complete positive turn around by releasing 21 tracks in his first 18 months.

Special tracks like popular “Ten Prison Commandments “ available on YouTube, his EP classic “ Murda Block “ available on all major platforms. Caudy Antoine Aka Ab5olootfaxtz has not only found a Spot in Hip Hop as a Music Artist, He has created His own Record Label “ Life or Death Records LLC.

Taking the initiative to use this label platform to advertise other artists! As he has stated “ Not all artist Under privileged Artist “ so obviously this artist not only has a story but a positive outlook on life and his new chance at life. Ab5olootfaxtz was born in Yonkers New York, and adamant about working hard to form his Record Label, as he has mentioned “ I came home literally with 40$ the amount that the prison gave me, before I stepped out of the Gates of Nash Correctional “ A prison located in Nashville NC a prison known for housing convicted murderer and former Football Star Rae Carruth , He was determined to learn the internet and make his presence felt.

His first project “ Free Smoke “ which can be found on SoundCloud. Gave him a start with hits like “ Girlfriend “ which featured CJPTHECEO a Young producer from HTH 914 a Yonkers New York recording company, after preforming at Legendary SOB’s Ab5olootfaxtz never let up releasing 4 singles one of which has become popular “Hurting For Me “ a song written by ab5olootfaxtz for his mother and Daughter exsplaining the hurt endured by the family do to his incarceration. This song can be found on every platform.

His latest project was “ The Good The Bad & the Ugly “ his first EP with four awesome tracks. I personally like the song featuring up coming sensational artist , singer , and TikTok stunning , marvelous @yungFlan aka Lyph her music can be found on all platforms. So in conclusion even if you’re not into Hip Hop and you haven’t heard this artist ab5olootfaxtz music.

you have read briefly about a man who has used His talent and love of music to turn his life around, a classic success story! @ab5olootfaxtz @lifeordeathrecordsLLC

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