Top Hacks to Style your Tresses with Least Stress


There are few things worse in life than getting the wrong haircut and even paying for it. Say, you entered a salon looking for a hip and happening haircut to go with the latest fashion trends and end up with an uninteresting and matronly looking style. These helpful hacks will alleviate the concerns of your haircut going the wrong way.

Get answers to some questions first

It is a good idea to run some questions through your head before opting for a cut; the answers will help you figure out the style and cut that would look good on you. Some of these helpful queries would include:

  1. What is the hair length needed for pulling your tresses back into a ponytail whenever you so wish; be it for workout, cooking or anything else?
  2. Are you the kinds to blow dry your hair every morning? If yes, what are the time frames that you are looking at for the performance of this act?
  3. Are you desirous of maintaining a particular style or are open to suggestions?
  4. What styling tools make it to your list of preferences?
  5. Will you be coloring your hair, etc.?

Once you are sure of what you want, and have assessed the look that you desire to flaunt for at least the next few days, you will find yourself in a better position to explain the cut to your stylist at the salon. You may want to collate the pictures of people you know, or celebrities, to get to the look of your dreams.

Here again, you may need to ask yourself some pertinent questions. Will the style go well with your facial cut? What would be the approximate time required for primping it every morning? Can you recreate the same look every time you shampoo your hair? Once the cut chosen by you passes your tests, it should be easy for an experienced hair stylist to create a close enough look for you. Alternatively, you may want to download some celeb cuts that that fail to align with your taste and ask your stylist to steer clear of the same.

Consult before cutting

As per experts, prior consultation is the key to success as it leads your cut up the right path to reduce future stresses. In the course of the consultation, you may want to figure out the term for which your consultant has been performing as a hair dresser or stylist. Additionally, getting answers to the queries related to his or her years of experiences, special skill sets, overall credentials and existing client sets would go a long way in determining the kind of hair types/styles that fall in their range of services. Along with understanding whether the style would be appropriate for you or not, you can also figure out the length of cuts, number of layers, etc. that’s right for you.

You may want to get in touch with your consultant 2-3 days before you plan to go for a cut. A good stylist is not tough to decipher or choose. He or she will help you figure out the right kind of cut that would work wonders for your physical demeanor and confidence levels alike. In case he or she is practically silent in the course of your consultation, it may be a good idea to refer to someone else. Get along your checklist and photos acquired for the purpose of getting any similar kind of look. Also, try to show the hair dresser your hair’s natural texture when dry. The act will allow for a better understanding of how well your hair falls on most days.

Explain your exact needs

If you are planning to go for a specific cut only then it is recommended that you communicate as much detailing about the same before the scissors are picked up by your stylist. Instead of being generic, it’s good to state the exact length desired; layers, bangs, angling and all other styling aspects need to be taken care of as well to gain the best ever results.

If necessary, get personal products

While most reputed salons provide a vast range of hair care products to suit your needs and textures, you may want to bring along your own. This rings specifically true if you happen to have any allergic reactions to certain products or have any specific requirements to take care of.

So, are you ready to give vent to your desires and flaunt the hairstyle that you may have been longing for all these years? You may want to satisfy yourself at

All the best.