Swell Soubra
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A Swiss Actor in Hollywood: Swell Soubra

Swell Soubra’s a versatile and experienced actor with an interesting back-story. He grew up in the cosmopolitan Swiss city of Geneva, where he earned a degree in marketing and International hospitality management from the famed Hotel Management School of Lausanne.

Even in his early career as a private banker in Geneva, Swell never lost his love and passion for acting. Despite the wishes of his parents to pursue a safe job, he decided to go for it all and dive into a career on screen. His acting prowess has taken him all across the world from the streets of Switzerland all the way to Hollywood in Los Angeles.

Recently, he acted as the lead actor, Gabriel, in Alone, a film about depression. The story is a powerful statement about that condition. The plot explores the reasons and origins of such a disease as he says. The most challenging part was to go there and feel the pain and sufferance that it can induce physically and emotionally.
Alone got selected in the prestigious Cannes film festival, IFS in Beverly Hills film festival and won an award at the Madrid International film festival.

He also showed off his work as an actor on the acclaimed TNT show The Last Ship, along with Eric Dane and Adam Baldwin, respectively known in the TV series Grey’s Anatomy and Castle. He said the experience of working with such a diverse acting and directing team was an incredible experience. His character was a foreign corrupted businessman involved in the cure of a virus outbreak. Swell acted in French and English in that specific role, which made him stand out from the other characters. The show has been nominated for a Saturn Award at the Academy of Science fiction, fantasy and horror films in 2015 and 2016.

One of his most challenging roles was portraying Tommy Talbot, a female serial killer who underwent a sex change to escape an investigating detective. I am Tommy Talbot, was a very challenging film he says. Getting into the head of a serial killer and understanding what makes a person commit such crimes is fascinating.

Now, he’s hard at work as an actor on a feature film called Killer Issues, which unveils the plot of a powerful banker who is mixed up in a money laundering scheme.

Besides a love for acting, Swell has worked with the Red Cross Switzerland to help raise money for aid projects in Asia, more specifically in Bangladesh and Cambodia. These projects allowed people to have access to sanitary facilities and drinking water.

Well-known for his constant smile, Swell Soubra’s a big believer in staying grounded and making sure he has a good work-life balance. He quickly learned to love the laid back environment in Los Angeles and explored some of the beautiful natural scenery in the American West during his free time. He enjoys the diversity of the city that is in many ways similar to his native Geneva.