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Boggi And His Incredible Social Media Following

Move over Cristiano Ronaldo and Kylie Jenner, another social media influencer is well on his way to being one of internet’s top stars –His name is Boggi! Discovered by The Martinez Twins, who were impressed by his TikTok and Instagram posts, Boggi was soon rubbing shoulders with some of the top influencers from around the world.

With the looks and charm of a young Hollywood heartthrob and a likeable personality to go along with it, Boggi has already risen up the social media scale with his numbers. Starting in the thousands not so long ago, he has already reached the millions category, thanks to the dedicated fans around the world, following his every move.

As the world becomes more and more reliant on virtual inspiration from artists and performers, especially during the uncertain times we are in –social media influencers are making a huge impact on the world. Boggi is no exception and it’s just a matter of time until this young influencer will be splashed on billboards around the globe. Stay tuned!

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