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Her face pretty much says it all. Or should we say: her pretty face says it all? Either way you put it, once you see Nigina Niyazmatova’s face you realize that she means business. She has a lot of sensitivity beneath that full head of long flowing dark hair, but her eyes will also tell you that she can be as firm as any male writer, producer or director. When she walks on to a movie set she has done her homework (as any good producer or director should do) and she knows how she wants the shot to proceed.

She’s open to suggestions, no doubt, but as a filmmaker and like Alfred Hitchcock, the film is already completed in her mind, shot by shot, and all that’s left to do is to physically shoot the scenes. You can tell a great deal by looking at someone’s face and into their eyes but you can also surmise a lot when you know what they have gone through to get to the present moment in time. Nigina, for instance, is from Moscow and she came all the way to Los Angeles because she wanted to make movies, which is what she has been doing very successfully here for the last few years. You don’t just say you’re going to do something and then it magically happens – you have to plan for it and work extremely hard at it to make it come true – which is what Nigina did.

She has worked on too many films, commercials and music videos to name them all on this page, but we can mention a few of her directorial, writing and producing efforts. Walk of Light, Little Dead Rotting Hood, Redux, The Last Conversation and Love. Secured were all very well received by critics and audiences alike. Her auteur film, Love. Secured, written, produced and directed by Nigina, was a Cannes Film Festival selection for their special Film Corner program.

Each film she works on whether she’s in the role of director, producer, writer, assistant director or even helping with the camera, she gives her all because the completion of the project and the quality of that piece, be it a short film or feature, is the most important thing for Nigina. Just look at her face and you’ll see that we’re right.