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What can you accomplish in four years? Good question. Well, you could pay off a new car in that time, or get a college degree, or dig a really big swimming pool or…you could, if you had the drive and the talent and the confidence, begin a new career in the film industry. Does that sound crazy or un-doable? It probably does to a lot of people, but not to Badr Farha, That’s exactly what he did in four years.

He made a decision to pursue his passion for film making, so he dropped out of the business world, went back to school and got a Master of Fine Arts degree in filmmaking and started a new career in the movie business. Wow! That was a mouthful!

Badr started out in Dubai, then graduated from American University in Beirut with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, worked at a banking institution and an advertising agency, among other industries, then realized one day that he was missing out on doing what he really wanted to do in life, which was to work on films. He loved the concept of telling stories through the medium of movies and actors and sets and colors and all that goes in to making a film a complete and other world in and of itself.

While he was working on his Master’s degree he was an Art Director on several music videos in New York City for the Irreverence Group, LLC. After that he moved to Hollywood and started immediately working on films as a Production Designer and Art Director. He worked on numerous projects including, More Than Words, The Puppet, Bitter Inherent, Deliver Us and The Last Conversation, which he wrote and directed. Three of those films ended up being shown at the Cannes Film Festival Court Metrage, each earning high praise and great reviews. Badr has also been the Art Director on three episodes of the novel TV series Seven Year Switch.

Although Badr has enjoyed much success and recognition as a writer and director, he is passionate about Art Directing. He sees colors and sets as being integral elements in the story telling process. People don’t choose the colors of their clothing or furniture or homes by mistake or without thinking about them. They usually are very conscious and particular about their choices in that regard. And that’s how Badr feels about Art directing. Conscious and particular choices should be made in setting the scene for a film; that way, the audience gets the whole feeling of the story, layer upon layer, and doesn’t just have to rely on the the dialogue.