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What’s the old saying? “Practice makes perfect.” You can actually see that phrase come to life in certain people in any number of disciplines. It doesn’t always manifest itself in every person who practices a specific craft or art form because the artist must possess other elements besides the willingness to get better or to even be the best at what he or she does. There also has to be an inherent talent and a natural inclination toward whatever it is the person is pursuing.

It’s very clear, however, that the above mentioned axiom can be applied to the Peruvian actress Paloma Fevi. We’ve seen some of her early work and we were lucky enough to see her in the recent short film Itch, which showed off her amazing talents and her obvious inclination to be a very solid actress indeed.

Paloma has a great deal of acting experience under her belt including performing in the internationally broadcast of Al Fondo Hay Sitio, which was broadcast on Telemundo and America TV with over 3 million viewers daily. A lot of people recognize Paloma from her entertaining lead performances in several parodies of the well- known artist Franda and received over 13 million views on YouTube.

Paloma has done stage plays such as God of Carnage, The Cherry Orchard, Two For The Season, the Children’s Hour, I Hate Hamlet and among others, All This Intimacy. She’s no stranger to taking on roles in commercials. To name a few of the brands she’s been part of: ROC 360 by Cristiano Ronaldo, L.A. Auto Show, United Treasure Hunt App, Herklin Shampoo and Las Aventuras del Dr. Genius.

Paloma’s film career has taken off and she has been featured in one of Netflix’s top shows Drug Lords and had a part in the feature-length motion picture Cuchillos en el Cielo, directed by Alberto Durant. Other films that Paloma had lead roles in are: Just in Case, Fallin’ for Lucy, Ausente, The Crucifix and the award-nominated actress and already mentioned Itch.