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Dr. Casuel Pitts Lands President’s Volunteer Lifetime Achievement Award

Entrepreneurship guru Dr. Casuel Pitts has been chosen for the Volunteer Lifetime Achievement Award 2021 from President Joe Biden and Vice President Harris. Dr. Pitts was recognized for his extensive work in the field of Entrepreneurship. Not only has he excelled in running numerous businesses of his own, but he has also committed to helping other entrepreneurs find and succeed in their purpose.

Instituted in 2003 and continuing under each administration since this award recognizes individuals whose service has a positive effect on communities nationwide and motivates others to do the same. Dr. Pitts certainly falls into the category of persons who dedicate their time and talents to address some of the nation’s greatest challenges. His company, Entrepreneur Empire, founded in 2016, aims to provide entrepreneurs at all levels with the support and guidance they need to be the best at their business and their best selves.

Dr. Pitts started his first business at age seven and has continued to build a veritable empire. But he’s not satisfied with hoarding success for himself. He continuously undertakes initiatives that will help those around him to succeed as well. In 2017 he launched UDS Cares, a non-profit organization in Texas. He’s also committed to removing the inequalities in black communities. To this end, he started Buying Black Back in 2020, and a mere two months later he formed Kingdom Legacy Credit Union. These companies teach black entrepreneurs business principles, help them get funding for their businesses, and ensure black dollars are spent in the communities where they’re needed.

Among his other successful businesses are Worldwide Marketing LLC, Green Investment Services Inc, Ultimate Discount Services, and Worldwide Real Estate. Dr. Pitts strongly believes he was chosen by God to help people and given the gift of building businesses. One of his most outstanding achievements is the personal relationships he builds with people while helping them succeed.

He is well known for saying “Coming together is the beginning, sticking together is progress, but working together is success.”
Dr. Casuel Pitts currently lives in Atlanta with his wife Ashanti Odom-Pitts and their family. He’s been featured in four magazines and is a renowned motivational speaker. The Volunteer Lifetime Achievement Award is the latest feather in his cap.

Get more information about Dr. Pitts on his website and follow him on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and TikTok.

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