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NICK KATSIDIS! When business training abroad meets fitness training on the West Coast

Nick Katsidis, the fitness professional from Australia, is a world traveller and a man with a mission. This Aussie “Health & Wellness Mentor” is a seasoned world traveller; including both coasts in the States, a short training stint in Iceland as well as a year in London which was spent soaking up business operations from top tier advisors in the fitness world. His eyes are now set on Los Angeles which prompted his visa application being processed. Focusing on his mission in London, his goal was to once again network with other fitness professionals while gaining a solid understanding of the back end of the biz.

Apparently, Nick’s mission was fulfilled shortly after arriving at Heathrow Airport. He met up with quite a few fitness experts and they did what fitness experts everywhere do, which is to share information and techniques. He then visited several fitness facilities in London and was quickly offered a position – not just any position – but a dream job to fit his lengthy and impressive fitness trainer qualifications: Master Trainer at Virgin Active. Very cool indeed. Virgin Active Gym is one of the largest, if not the largest fitness training gyms in England’s capital city. It is also arguably the best gym in the area. It was their Premium Club he was hired into and not only does it look great on his resume, but it speaks volumes about who Nick really is and how those ultra civilized and educated Brits perceived him and his fitness skills.

Of course, Nick’s plans were not to move to London, only visit and learn and network, all of which he did. He also built up quite a list of clients in the short time he conquered, I mean, visited that former Roman province. Nick still keeps in contact with his UK clients and he still advises them via phone and coaches them via Internet to this day.

We envision Nick developing countless training facilities of his very own with his name/imprint on them once he settles in the U.S.

He remains very focused on his career and the successful lifestyle changes of his clients. With an amazingly sharp understanding of the business side of the fitness game, he has been mentored by world-class businessmen on how to operate and manage training companies along with the actual facilities and staff. Everything he does, whether it’s touring a gym in another country or conjuring up new ways to advise and train his clients, Nick Katsidis applies it to his own vast store of knowledge as a master fitness trainer.