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Famous Singer/Songwriter Pianist & Actress MsEyez

Eye’z is a singer as well as a songwriter. She is basically from the bay area of San Francisco. Recently in the 4th annual My Book Music Block TV Awards the multi talented singer Eye’z won  an award for the best instagram page on 7th of the august. She was really happy to get it but you must see how nervous she was just before the announcement. She shared her feelings on the red carpet in a very small interview.  In answer to a question, she gave her fans good news about her new upcoming single “ Go For It”.

 She has also given hints about the projects on which she is working, that are somewhat related to movie music.Another good news for her fans is that her music merch  is live now. You purchase her music merch through her website linktree.com / mseyez . 

She also told the interviewer how much she was happy to meet her favourite artist Arthur.Jae  and her favourite rapper fluid. You can follow her on instagram at mseyez. You can also find all her social media links and websites through her link tree that is linktree.com/mseyez. You can purchase her singles through her link tree. 

This interview was hosted on a red carpet event of the 4th annual My Music Block TV awards (MMBTV). The host of the red carpet event was the very talented Dr.Wright of the Wright Place TV

The event was very glamorous and fascinating. Many celebrities glamorised the red carpet event. Other winners at the My Music Block TV awards were the Eye’z favourite rapper “Fluid” for the best rap single 2021 , Nikia , Arthur jae , Christine strok , SATGAME and many other super stars were awarded the awards for their work. 

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