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Although there are film directors who are called auteurs, there are really only a handful (if that) in every generation. To be an auteur (author) of a movie, the director must first of all guide the performance of the actors, and must have his or her hand in the writing of the script, take an active part in the physical shooting of the scenes and do the final edit or cut, on the movie. These highly gifted artists are rare and as Gurdeep Singh, the highly sought after Indian cinematographer can tell you, there are challenges in every project he has worked on, whether the director is an auteur or not.
One of the most significant challenges is aligning himself with like-minded individuals who share his creative energy. There are projects where Gurdeep might have creative freedom but limited financial resources, and then there are those where he earns well but might not find creative satisfaction. Since the most common view of filmmaking is that it is a collaborative effort, Gurdeep has found that the director who is open minded and has a clear vision of his or her project will gladly work with the cinematographer and other people on the set in order to make the film as good as it can be.
Gurdeep is so passionate about storytelling and filmmaking that he, at one point in his career moved to New York to immerse himself in all things cinematography and filmmaking at the prestigious New York Film Academy. He wanted to stay abreast with the state of the art techniques and methods of shooting digitally and with film at the prestigious New York Film Academy.

At the same time he continued to contribute his expertise to music video production. His career and reputation grew rapidly as a producer, which enabled him to work with the renowned regional music label, Speed Record, that boasts a staggering 42.7 million followers on YouTube. He worked closely with CEO Balwinder Singh Kohli, which led to Gurdeep’s impressive credits on over 40 music videos featuring top industry artists. His unique blend of experience and immense knowledge of filmmaking and cinematography, along with budget management and decision-making, paved the way for his role as an executive producer on the award-winning and gripping short film, “Fenced.” Gurdeep is a multifaceted filmmaker, cinematographer and producer. He is passionate about crafting films based on real-life incidents. He firmly believes

that everyone has a story to tell, filled with struggles, heroism, and moments where we all act as our own villains. He feels that we all face unique circumstances and challenges, and his belief is that cinema should strive to make society better by reflecting its diverse experiences.”

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