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Nature Yogi Marco Andre

Formerly Marcus “DJ Marco” Andre, Nature Yogi Marco Andre is a number 1 Music Producer/Sound Artist on Reverbnation Charts and top 40 DJ on the former Beat 100 Music Charts in Germany. Here is an exerpt from his Interview on Tuned Loud Hit Radio.

Nature Yogi Marco Andre transports you to a very specific space and time, as he captures dance music’s central core. You feel it in your bones, your gut, and your whole body. Every production element is meant to build a physical experience that compels you to move. Despite all of the machinery involved in making it, electronic music can be deeply human in the hands of an able creator like Nature Yogi Marco Andre.

The producer’s ability to craft genre-bending and eclectic electronic music is relevant and infectious. “Luscious Latin House” jumps out of the box with shimmering keys, a four-to-the-floor kick drum, throbbing basslines and dynamic percussion. Nature Yogi Marco Andre has created a space where he refuses to be labeled, dodges the one-size-fits-all model and unapologetically paves his own path forward with each new track.

Nature Yogi Marco Andre skillfully threads together disparate instrumentation to deliver a holistic rendering of electronic music in the 21st century. In “Fitness Finatic” he blends horns, woodwinds, keys and thumping drums into an insistent rhythmic groove. Nature Yogi Marco Andre sound, percussive as it is, feels chameleonic. He has both an astonishing range and exceptional control over his arrangements.

Ultimately with “Luscious Latin House” and “Fitness Finatic” are dance tracks. They’re meant to be physical, to be felt all over. There is a momentum to these tracks that’s hard to shake. Despite the digital art form, the tracks are brimming with old-fashioned musical ability.

Nature Yogi Marco Andre’s music is constructed with the drums leading the way while complex patterns in percussion that twist and turn, are followed by layered synths.

There aren’t many tracks that you can play anywhere and even fewer that manage to sound appropriate whenever they happen to be played. This becomes possible with both “Luscious Latin House” and “Fitness Finatic”.

What’s rarer still, is an artist managing to sound right under any of these conditions. These tracks are much more than the sum of their parts; they’re a showcase of Nature Yogi Marco Andre’s talents as a producer, an arranger, and a composer.

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