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Meet young digital artist Tiwaii Funchess

For most, the coronavirus pandemic presented many challenges. Tiwaii Funchess a fourteen year old contemporary artist from the Carolinas, is making the most out of it.

With millions of online impressions and, impressions from big names in the art community like, Takashi Murakami, Virgil Abloh, Swaelee, and more, its definitely safe to say he has some serious talent.

Since 2020 Tiwaii has already gained over 12,000 followers on Instagram, Tiwaii’s growth has been pretty swift for teenager drawing sketches in his free time. Already making bank from commissions, Tiwaii’s adventure in the contemporary art world has proved lucrative.

Takashi Murakami (Famous Artist, head of Kiki and Kai Kai)had this to say about Tiwaii Funchess: “I love seeing young talent Tiwaii Funchess is a great example of young talent, he makes awesome rapper artwork.”
His colleagues agree. With support from established artists, Tiwaii Funchess is one of the most promising contemporary artists out of the Carolinas.

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