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Super producer “Sauce Man Keys” Wiki Bio Birthday News, Get Acquainted!

Jeremy Love, commonly known as Sauceman Keys was born on March 20th, 1986 (age 34) in Kankakee, Illinois, United States. He is a celebrity Super Producer and Instagram sensation who’s fire beats and photos on the platform has gained him more than 20 thousand dedicated followers and fans. SauceManKeys has a network circle of over 2.5 million. His face is reconized throughout the industry. 

He has garnered worldwide coverage from several blogs and media publications and is most well known for his collaborations with musical artists Yung Berg (Hitmaka) – Nump j – Sincere Show – Cap 1 – Ayoo kd – Youngglitzyboy and many more.
Sauce Man Keys earnings come from producing, brand endorsemants, and contracts. 

In March 1986. He was adopted by the Love family that is from Kankakee, IL. He’s the only child in his family and now he has 6 kids; five girls and one boy. His goals in life are to pave a way for his children and possibly more. He wants to pave a way for them to do and be whatever they want to be in life. He wants his children to not have to do much leg work as he had to do.

“Reason being is because they didnt ask to be here so I feel its my obligation to help them on their road one hundred percent of the way” say’s Jeremy. 

Early on, he went off to Atlanta with his mother to work on a better life. Jeremy learned how to be a hustler from his foster grandparents who are now deceased. His dad has been in prison for an incredible amount of time for carrying out crimes that involve having two kilo’s of cocaine. Around the age of twelve Jeremy’s mother moved him away from Kankakee towards the south suburb area of Chicago. He attended Parkland Junior College and took a recording class for 2 years at POGO studio’s downtown Champaign, home of popular rapper Ludacris. Jeremy chose to take his grandfathers hustle and fathers street lifestyle to build what Keys would call “a real smart street n**.” Playing the drums in church and shooting dice on the block with the local big time drug dealers was his hobbies, “chasing a roll” as Keys would say. He developed a love for music from being forced to go to church until he got older. He used to be a rapper but now he’s a music producer. He worked in the P.A. room with his long time mentor Charles Price, which he learned a lot about mixing and music in general.

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