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A popular music management agency has just released their own clothing brand

A popular music management agency on the rise has just released their own clothing brand. At the first week of launch, the company has made an influx of sales in a short time. In many ways, this plight of success stands to prove how impactful MouyeGang Music Inc has become. The agency has a talented roster of artists from Roc Nation, Empire, and more which has made a 200%+ rate of growth in the past year alone.

CEO and founder Ceo MouyeGang has made incredible progress towards expanding his business gaining the respect of elite celebrities such as rapper Memphis Bleek and super producer Scott Storch just to name a few. Starting in 2018, CEO MouyeGang created the initiative to provide advanced artist development and management service to musicians worldwide.

Roc Nation artist ‘Ocho Sneak’ was at the helm of the start up services with his successful EP release ‘Hunger Story 2’. Ceo MouyeGang’s refined management and production skills came into play giving birth to records such as ‘Do Right’ ‘Around Me’ ‘Wave’ and ‘Woke Up’ helping the project reach over half a million collective streams across the board. This year in 2021, the skilled manager recently signed socialite, influencer and rapper Candy Coated to his agency to work on highly anticipated new music.

Candy has debuted on major music video productions with artists such as Tory Lanez and Lil Wayne making her transition into a full time musician seem like second nature. In conclusion, the MouyeGang Music Inc takeover is inevitable.

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