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Prince Steven Borjigin – a cultural ambassador

Prince Steven Borjigin is an international figure of cultural diplomacy. He has inspired by President Xi Jinping’s ideals of “common destiny of mankind”. Prince Steven Borjigin has over twenty years of experiences in dealing with different civil organizations, governments and corporations. 

Currently, Prince Steven is working hard to advocate the peace unity among the central Asia region, China and the United States. Born in Tibet with Mongolian father, Steven is the 36th direct line of Emperor Genghis Khan. The unit of Central Asia is not a new ambition. By the time Genghis Khan died in 1227, he controlled 13,500,000 km² (5,210,000 sq mi) or almost 1/3 of Asia. His empire stretched from Pacific Ocean to the Caspian Sea. His personal empire was more than 2 times bigger than the approximately 6,000,000 km² Greek Empire of Alexander the Great.

Chinese culture had a great impact on Genghis Khan’s horizon for humanity after the battles. To treat the entire empire under his rule also means to unite the culture and civilizations in arts and culture. Chinese fine arts therefore helped his implementation to win the hearts and souls. 

 The history of Eurasian plain was always a key factor throughout the competitions and balance of power. However, the time is changing in our digital age. The future of nations and states have to give priorities to the common destiny of mankind. Prince Steven Borjigin is making his effort to show case the ancient political and cultural experience of his ancestor Genghis Khan. 

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