JAMES Henri-Thomas


We love the actor James Henri-Thomas!! Listen to what he said when an interviewer asked him who he would like to work with if he had the chance. He mentioned Michael J. Fox, who is a hero of his (and a lot of other people’s hero too), then he said he really liked Gary Oldman but that he would probably be a bit nervous around that legendary actor. Then he said that he would love to work with Olivia Cooke. Why did he say that? Well, he said that he would very much like to work with her so he could ask her out and then tell her how much he loved her as they were dragging him off the movie set.

Can’t you just visualize that? It’s like, who didn’t admire the night at the Oscars when Adrien Brody grabbed Halle Berry and gave her the surprise kiss of a lifetime in full view of millions of people? Apparently, James is to be seen in the light of an adventurer who goes after what he wants. That kind of attitude made us love this guy even more. And judging by his long acting resume, James believes not only in achieving goals (like the Olivia Cooke anecdote, which we think will happen one day) but he believes anything can be done through hard work.

James has played almost every kind of role there is to play. He’s been in foxholes shooting it out with the enemy, numerous Shakespeare characters, lead roles in TV commercials that are broadcasting his talent and good looks all over the world, and plenty of films that have only broadened his acting techniques and his success in the film industry. James is an interesting person to be sure, but he is also extremely gifted as an actor and really quite funny when given the chance. In fact, he’s pretty funny even when you don’t give him the chance. His quick wit is generally a step or three ahead of his peers so be careful if you get into a word duel with this young man. He’s good, he’s fast and his mind works at light speed.

James will be moving to Hollywood soon, and he will be bringing all of his talents, quick wit and good looks to the studio with him. We can’t wait to see his next endeavor.