Aamir Khan rejects 21,000 girls

Aamir Khan apparently wasn’t that much impressed with the 21,000 girls who auditioned for his upcoming movie titled Dangal. Mr.Perfectionist will play a wrestler in the film and a father of four daughters. According to information gathered so far, none of the girls will hail from the Indian film industry.The crew of Dangal has been busy traveling to different parts of the city in search of the right girls. So far, the crew has covered the states of Uttar Pradesh, Hariyana, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh but no selection has been made so far. A total of 21,000 auditions and yet none have impressed the Pk actor so far. The director as well as producer of the film are also as serious and picky for the role as much as Aamir is. Aamir is very serious for the project and has put on a staggering 22 kilograms to go from 68 kilograms to 90 kilograms.


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